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Hey Beauties! Let’s talk about the age-old question… What’s the difference between micropigmentation and microblading!?

Everyone’s first reaction is to ask for microblading – mostly because that was the first term in the permanent makeup industry that really took off! So now it’s a household staple term. When really, it’s just the first step.

There are pros and cons to each process. I will lay them out here for you so you can really understand they type of service you’ll be looking for! At a|k studios we currently offer both options.

Let’s start with MicroBLADING.

Microblading is a manual pen type tool that carves open the skin in a deliberate motion. The pigment is then placed over the opening and “packed” into the space. So, as the skin heals, it will heal around the pigment to give you a very soft natural look once healed. Microblading is great for all clients, some more so than others.


It gives a soft, natural appearance.

Lasts for 1-2 years.

Filling in only select areas if needed.

Great for men (yes ladies – some men get their brows done too! That’s a whole other story, lol)


Strokes tend to blur over time after yearly touchups.

Strokes can fade prematurely due to skincare or sun damage

Oily skin will push pigment out of the strokes faster than someone with dry or combo skin.

More painful process.

Now don’t get me wrong, microblading has its place in this industry and always will, yet it’s also a very limiting skillset. Microblading is a great addition to the newer techniques.

Now, let’s talk microPIGMENTATION. This is MY JAM! This process is done with a type of tattoo machine meant for incredibly fine lines. This process opens the skin and deposits the pigment at the same time and allows us to work with less injury to the skin.


Most natural looking finish

Heals more even

More suitable for all skin types

Virtually PAINLESS with the style of numbing available in this service


Healing is longer and more of a process

In my opinion, there aren’t too many cons to micropigmentation (as you can see from my very short list). There are options for everyone! So, don’t just take my word for it, pop into the studio to see what we are all about!

See you on the next one beauties!