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Hey friends, Dani here…. Are you ready for this!?

New year, new blog, new products, new you.

Amy Kernahan Studios is releasing our own skin care. A bio marine line of products

that are sure to impress.

As a consumer you’re probably reading this thinking, “she has to say that.”

Well, I don’t.

Here are my favs from the new a|k studios skin care lineup that can be picked up at our Milford office location or shop online at


Lavender Creamy Cleanser

Price: $28

This cleanser is good for EVERYONE! Young skin, mature skin, post peel skin … this cleanser will literally be your staple. You will never need to change your cleanser through the year. Don’t get me wrong if you need something stronger, we’ve got it, but this will cover ALL your bases. It’s calming on the skin, it helps degrease after a long day and cleanses off all that left over make up (PRO TIP: double cleanse)


C-Stem Treatment Serum

Price: $110

This serum is the HOLY GRAIL! It is a concentrated anti-aging serum that is full of lilac stem cells, Vitamin C and bio marine extracts. This will plump and brighten your skin, reduce fine lines, and reduce redness after only a few uses. For me, this product replaced every serum I had in my bathroom!


Ultra Benefits Moisturizer

Price: $70

Did you ever have a moisturizer that felt greasy or slimy on your skin? Or maybe too heavy for the morning, but not heavy enough for night time use? *raises hand*… I have! Then I picked up this moisturizer and it CHANGED MY LIFE! This is the most perfect texture for morning and night. With incredible antioxidants and Vitamin E, this product will protect your skin from free radicals and provides UVB and UVA protection! It creates a plumpness to the skin that lasts all day without a heavy feeling! Its literal magic!


Daily Replenishing SPF 30+

Price: $50

Confession time – I never wore an SPF daily until I got into skincare. I never realized how important it was to protect my skin! This SPF is mildly tinted, so it not only provides sun protection, but also helps with some corrective coverage. It wears almost like a BB cream! It is super light weight and almost scentless (which I love so much!) With powerful firming peptides and zinc oxide, this SPF will truly change the game. You can wear it alone or as a base for makeup!

These products are truly wonderful – the results are visible after only the first use. I have worked in a luxury destination spa environment as a lead esthetician, using high end products daily and by far, these products exceeded my expectations both personally and professionally.

Working with our new skin care line has really changed my mind on investing in skin care. I love every product I have tried so far. Our custom facials incorporate all these products and more! Here is to many years of beautiful skin!

See you on the flip!

Xo, your a|k beauty guru