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Happy winter beauties! At this point in the year, congratulations are in order at every turn!

Babies, weddings, engagements, vacations and so much more!

This is the time of year where everyone gets into “planning mode” of one kind or another.

a|k studios wants to be your go-to location for all the beauty portions of your planning.

Makeup, skin care, lashes, brows … you name it, we can help you prep.

So now you are wondering … “what do I do and where to start” while you’re amid the biggest planning moment of your life – WEDDING PLANNING. We have a bridal specialist on staff, who can help you with every step!

Step one to a flawless face


I can’t stress enough how important preventive skin care is. As you’re getting into your late 20s, 30’s or 40’s – taking care of your skin is critical.

It will help your makeup lay better and stay on longer, and it will help combat those stress breakouts that are inevitable.

Here’s the deal – the last 6 months before your event are critical to make sure the day of you are prepped, primed and glowing! Booking monthly or bi-monthly facials and other glow treatments leading up to your big day will be more helpful than you can imagine.

Packages available:

For those of you that are the “detail queen” and pre-plan to the hilt, this package is for you.

ALL IN the Glow: Monthly facials (up to 5, finishing 3 weeks before your big day!)

Brow shape and tint

Full Set of Lashes

Makeup Consultation

For the lady who is less concerned with all the perfect details and thinks it will all just be fine and come together (THAT WAS ME 100%)

LAST MINUTE LOVIN’: 2 facials (finishing 3 weeks before your big day!)

Brow shaping

Express Lash Set

These packages can be used for any big moment in your life – not just a wedding!

These could also just be a “treat yo’ self” moment – because, let’s face it, we all need a little more self-love and care in our life.

Love yourself – it will show. Congratulations on all the beautiful things happening this year.

See you on the flip my friends!

Xo, Dani

P.S. – These packages are fully customizable to suit your needs! Give us a call and one of our girls can help you with everything you’ll need!